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Most lions are inherently loyal, romantic, upbeat and confident. These traits are attractive to nearly all signs but more to others who possess the same. With all this talk of sharing, it can easily be assumed that Leo men and Leo women will gladly share everything; however, this is not the case.

Attention and admiration are two things that Leos treasure so highly and desire exclusively for themselves.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

It can be challenging to learn to share the spotlight in a mirror match as well as strike a balance between seeking the attention of others and that of your partner. Self-importance and egotistical behavior are unfortunately commonly seen traits in Leo-born who lack self-control. An adored lion is a happy lion but these things can swiftly grow into an unhealthy state that impacts interpersonal relationships.

Possessiveness born of jealousy is yet another negative issue that occurs frequently. As much as Leos view themselves as royalty, they really do strive to be fair and just. Therefore, when one-sided boundaries and limitations born of protectiveness come into play, a mirror relationship can quickly head toward destruction. Finally, stubbornness and a battle over leadership can create discord within a dual Leo pairing.

Gemini & Leo: Love Compatibility

The answer to addressing most of these compatibility issues is communication and ensuring all things are balanced on both sides with no one ahead or behind. Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more. The lovely Leo is supremely friendly, seeking to be out and about among as many people as he or she can find.

Friends give a lion the admiration and attention they need, and in return, they provide friends with endless dedication, joviality, humor, and compassion. Even though it may seem like a one-sided exchange for Leo to buff his or her ego, it is not. Leo women and men truly treasure their friends, and their unforgettable personalities make it impossible for them not to have many.

You can count on a lion to be lion-hearted against adversity when their loved ones hit rough patches; giving up will not be an option and nor will deciding to back down. A friendship between two Leo-born will be double the fun and excitement. You can truly expect nothing but good times from this pair.

Intimate relationships between two Leos are a blessing for both.

Leo Man and Leo Woman

Their zeal for romance and typically innately high sex drives will find satisfaction without needing to compromise. Two Leo-born who have slipped into laziness and a selfish focus only on their needs will, of course, cause chaos and bring a relationship to its knees. Luckily for this Leo man and Leo woman pair, communication is rarely an issue as the lion is often very verbal about his or her desires and what is needed to feel at their best.

Leo men and women are naturally hard workers and will rarely be caught slacking off. They possess a great deal of ambition if only for the respect a higher position will give them. There may be small squabbles between two Leos in a workplace if there is a battle for leadership or any other competitive situation present.

It is unlikely to ever devolve into a hostile situation or begin impacting their efficiency. As social people, Leos can find themselves caught up in drama especially if it is a break from the monotony of work. Working together with their fellow Leo spouse may also be extremely distracting and is unlikely to end well if both cannot exercise restraint. Overall, Leo-born can be counted on to reliably complete all that is asked, lead and manage others well, and not become a burden. If your heart is set on a match with a fellow Leo, then rejoice as chances are it will be the most fulfilling relationship you have ever had.

Leo Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

Leo men and women pack so much warmth and love into their larger-than-life natures that it will be nearly impossible for either of you not to be smiling for very long. Mirror matches always have their difficulties, and Leos are no different but they have several advantages over most. They join happily with those who are similar to them and it only increases their ability to remain upbeat and enthusiastic. If another Leo finds their way onto your radar when you are looking for love, it is not worth it to pass them up.

Just prepare for the lion-sized share of all they will require, as Leos will accept nothing less. The future burns brightly for this fiery pair and it unlikely to ever burn out with proper attention, loyalty and love in abundance. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about Leo man and Leo woman compatibility.

Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. I'm a Leo girl and I'm talking to a Leo guy we are really connected he confides in me and I confide in him. I think this is a great match. I'm a Leo guy with a Leo girlfriend, we were born 2 days apart in August. In my quest to end up with the best possible partner, I've been with every star sign 3 times each and everyone was great apart from Cancer girls My current Leo girl is amazing and I'm waiting for her to calm down a bit more..

She's naturally very full on and left to her, we'll be married tommorow but i'm being cautious. The sex is in another league compared to all my ex's but, i'm trying to look deeper than that. I'm torn between her and my ex a taurus , she hates this. My only gripe with the Leo is the tendency to be lazy and the taurus's tendency to be cold. As a Leo woman, I can say that being with a Leo man is nothing short of an exciting ride!

I've been with two so far, both great men. The first of them was my best friend. We hardly argued, but were always competing. I blame our youth and flirtatious ways for splitting us up, but we're still good friends. The second We argued everyday. We were practically sex addicts when we were together. Never dull. We laughed, watched movies, and even held conversations, all while having sex! Unfortunately, he couldn't handle my stubborn ways and my ego was far bigger than his. To this day, he can't be around me without wishing we were still together. I know this much because he told me so.

I am a Leo women and I have dated a Leo man. I am a total Leo woman so I enjoy having fun, but with him it was a little too much all of the time. Leo men love attention and they will go out looking for it from any woman. I am a Leo woman and am currently in a four year commitment to a Leo man. I have had experiences with multiple Leo men and for the sake of adding info to this page I will write about them.

I just moved into his neighborhood and he took me on his golfcart, drove around recklessly, and I fearfully asked him to stop and let me out. He accelerated while I was half out of through cart and I fell and broke my wrist. At the time I was not psyched. A few years later however, I saw this Leo and he was looking damn good.

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I was drunk at a high-school party and tried to hint at my interest.. Of course I tried again on a few more occasions but met the same response before I finally lost interest because he obviously was not feeling me. Then, a few years later, I was at another party, and I know I was looking good. Some jerk made a very rude and forward pass at me and after I turned him down, the Leo guy approached me saying the exact same thing.

It really was a great situation for me.. I thought he was smoking hot, he gave it to me good even though I would get frustrated by him never going down, and because I was already numb to his earlier rejection, I never got hurt if I saw him with another girl. We had this great understanding between us and the sex was some of the best in my life. He was a badass that the whole town had heard of and gossiped about. He had a hot younger brother who I had actually met first and felt instant attraction to. A few months after meeting the younger bro, I ran into Leo 2 and said excitedly "hey remember me?

I was scared and actually hoped to never see him again. A few months later I did see him at a party where he seemed interested in my frirnd.

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I could care less about it but then he called her one day and invited us both to his house. Once there I found myself really feeling a connection with him.