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One of the methods is the Ultrasonic scanning which can show the signs of the gender of the fetus. But certain countries have banned the prediction of gender of babies using any of the medical or scientific methods.


So, people resort to traditional methods to find out the gender of the baby. For example, if the pregnant lady is feeling too sick in the morning, then it is said to be a girl baby. If it is a boy baby, then you might have little or no morning sickness. Ancient Mayans had a way to predict the gender of the unborn child. If one is odd and one is even, then it is a boy. It is also said jokingly that if the pregnant mom wants ice-cream almost every day, then chances are she will give birth to a girl.

If she likes to have sour or salty stuff, then it might be a boy. It is also believed that a higher heart rate for the mother is a sign of girl baby inside and lower heart rate is a sign of boy baby inside. Also, if the pregnant mom is carrying high, then it is a chance that it can be a girl child.

12222 Lunar Months of Time Zone 8 (China)

If her tummy is low, then it can be a baby boy. But there is one baby gender prediction method based on the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, that always turns out to be true. It was a method that was developed by the ancient Chinese and had been hidden in a tomb for many years. It is used to find out whether a fetus is boy or girl baby.

Boy Or Girl - Predict Your Baby’s Sex

You can try his free gender prediction test in to know your kid's gender. All you need to know is the Chinese age of the mother and the month is which she has conceived. Only ages between 18 and 45 can be checked!

Baby Gender Prediction Tests - Old Wives Tales!

In China, there are several old wives tales for predicting baby's gender that have been used for generations. These ways are very easy that you can do it at home. In opposite, the big and round belly indicates a girl.

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Whether you are pregnant or not, you must be curious about the gender of your future baby. Also, pregnancy symptoms may determine whether you will have a boy or girl.

Chinese Future Prediction By Date Of Birth

Just take these two gender prediction quizzes to find out the gender of your baby. Through reading the face of parents, the baby's gender could be predicted. The face reading of both husband and wife is required.

The lines of children are the upright lines below the base of little finger and above the marriage line. The deep lines indicate the birth of male children while the short and shallow lines suggest the birth of female children. Click to learn more about Children Line. Another method is to observe the formation of the skin outside the mount of Mercury located at the base of the little finger when the mother clenches her right fist. If the skin is pointed, you may carry a baby boy. Also, you could observe the horizontal lines there.

However, this method is only useful for the mother who got pregnant for the first time. Chinese people think if you see carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, potato, snake, turtle, tiger etc. Egg, strawberry, butterfly, apple, tomato, plum flower, pigeon etc. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Lastest Questions and Answers. Download Apps - Zodiac. Chinese Calendar.