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The Astrology of Year 2020
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A potential negative of this transit is excessive emphasis on, or attention to, having fun to the detriment of other life departments. However, for the most part, you are likely to feel supported and confident during this approximately year-long cycle. This is a time for trying new things, beginning new ventures, and sticking your neck out.

Creativity finds a successful channel or outlet. Saturn transits your solar fourth house until March 21st, and then from July 1st to December 16th. This influence is winding down and coming to an end in Saturn here urges you to get serious about home, family, and domestic concerns. You are building your nest, not in a "plumping your nest" sort of way. In fact, you may be stripping some things away - perhaps even downsizing or de-cluttering - and adding structure to your domestic life.

This can benefit you greatly in the long run! During this transit, you're likely to face issues surrounding your attachments to the past. Sometimes this manifests as literal re-organization of your home. Moving house is not typically associated with this transit as it would if, for example, Uranus was the transiting planet. If moves are made, you might encounter some resistance in yourself or the move might be a source of stress and worry; or you may be downsizing. This may not be a time when you feel particularly brave in the outer world.

Many will go through a major "spring cleaning" inside. Limitations that came from early family conditioning will be brought to the fore.


At first, there may be some frustration with your life to date, and how you may have limited your opportunities because of early conditioning. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate at times now.

Health according to Sagittarius Horoscope 2020

Some may experience some distancing or frustrations regarding your parents. Family obligations may seem to get in the way of your experience of pleasure and of the achievement of your personal goals. There may be some emotional distancing as well in your home environment. Delays and slowdowns may be experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. However, all of these things occur so that you start work on making improvements and in order that you face your responsibilities, become more self-sufficient, and more organized.

Ultimately, you are learning to rely on yourself and to take care of things that you may have previously neglected but that have undermined your confidence in yourself and in your life! Working from home is a strong possibility during this period. Bringing more structure and discipline to your domestic life may be in order, and is likely to work very well in your favor.

By the end of this transit, your home is likely to be in tip-top shape and family life should be more organized. Saturn transits your solar fifth house from March 21st to July 1st and then from December 17th forward until March for many of you. This influence is only just getting started. By mid-December this year, Saturn is consistently transiting this area of your solar chart until March Saturn's influence is rather somber and serious, but also responsible and practical.

You are getting serious about fifth house matters: romance, relationships with children, your creativity, and pleasure. Serious about pleasure?

2020 Gemini Overview: Yearly Horoscope

Yes, indeed! While you may not spend a whole lot of time living it up at parties, bars, or entertainment venues, you are likely to take your hobbies more seriously. In fact, this is an excellent period for monetizing any personal hobby - turning it into a business, even if it's a sideline one. Bringing more structure to your play time or to a creative talent can also figure strongly now. If you have children, they may need more discipline or structure than they previously did at this stage. Some of you may be welcoming children into your life and discovering all of the responsibilities that come along with it.

Others who already have children may find that they're at an age that requires more attention and discipline, or structure. In the romance department, Saturn's influence can go either way. For some, romance may feel lacking or a romantic relationship could be more practical than fun. Tests or pressures on an existing romance could figure now. Casual relationships and dating may be nonexistent, or lean.

For those of you who have recently entered a romance, you are beginning to look at it more seriously and critically. For others, a romantic relationship stabilizes and becomes more serious. Some of you will meet a new romantic interest who is perhaps older or mature, thus "meeting Saturn" through a person. Those of you who are dating might feel some loneliness, as it can be hard to find what you are looking for at this time. An existing romance may be tested but strong ones strengthen further. A romantic partner could feel like a "heavy" at this time, or you might feel restricted in terms of making acquaintances and enjoying other people's company.

In other words, there is somewhat heavy energy surrounding fifth house matters. For those single and looking, be careful that you don't project a negative attitude without even realizing it, as this can intimidate some. Creatively speaking, you are a little more serious in your approach. You might be turning a hobby into a business now, or you might find that there is less time for creative hobbies, pastimes, amusements, and entertainment.

Your work can require more show, drama, creativity, and entertainment value, and may be a hobby-turned-business.

The Astrology of Year 2020

Romance and work can be tied together in some significant way. Some of you could be working hard on, and putting a lot of effort into, creative hobbies or pastimes. Saturn trines your Sun this year , and this helps you to better focus on your goals. This transit is a stabilizing one—others know they can rely on you, and you on them! Your vision is all the more realistic now, and pleasingly so. You work steadily and determinedly towards your goals.

Authority figures and elders tend to look favorably upon you. This aspect goes a long way toward steadying and balancing your life. This is a wonderful time for self-discipline. Uranus continues or begins its transit of your solar eighth house this year. There could be some ambiguities or unexpected happenings surrounding non-income sources of money during this long-term transit.

This includes such things as shared resources with a close partner, alimony, taxes, loans, and so forth.

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At times, this unpredictability could throw you off balance. You will be learning a lesson in detachment during this cycle - sudden changes in the support you receive from others can force you to become more independent financially, for example. Prepare yourself for fluctuations by settling as many debts as you can. Watch for gambling or risk-taking with money and a partner who may be doing same. You are more susceptible to medications, chemicals, and other such things during this long-term cycle, so keep this in mind.

Stress more easily affects your health. Some confusion on the job may be part of the picture, or your job may be steering toward compassionate service, charity, or other helping professions. Neptune's presence here makes it rather challenging to stick to regular schedules and routines.

February 17th Birthday Horoscope

There can be some level of disarray in your daily life at this time. Watch closely for carelessness or neglect when it comes to your health. Your motivations or attitudes toward work can gradually change during this transit. Pluto continues its lengthy transit of your solar fourth house this year.

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  6. The acute elements of this transit are long behind you. This extremely long-term transit brings gradual but deep changes in your home or family life and your psyche. Your needs for nurture transform and evolve. Pluto transiting your solar fourth house is a very long-term transit that gradually brings changes to the basic domestic structure. Your connections to family members can evolve on a fundamental level, especially in terms of responsibilities, support, or roles.

    There can be a retreat into yourself during this cycle as you explore, on a very deep level, your roots, childhood conditioning, and feelings of personal security. If you have been feeling somewhat of a victim in your family relationships, for example, then this will be a time when you feel it more acutely and feel the need to do something about it.

    Buried resentments come to the fore and demand to be handled. Avoid focusing on regrets or dead-end situations, as the tendency to obsess over things that can't or shouldn't be changed runs very high.

    By the time this transit ends, however, you are more equipped than ever to go after exactly what it is that you want in life. Superficial areas of your life will be removed or transformed, and you are freer to express your authentic self. This is a time for putting yourself out there and for meeting your responsibilities. From May 5th onward, the North Node transits your solar ninth house, and this suggests that some of the greatest joys - and challenges - come through your belief systems, religion, or perspective.

    This is a time for building your faith and understanding where you stand as well as what you believe in. Special: Future Forecast Report.