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Scorpio: this period is not absolutely simple as far as work is concerned, but Jupiter can be an excellent support for carrying out important projects together with Saturn, which allows us to obtain advantages also of an economic nature. The second part of the year allows you to recover energy but love is in crisis. Sagittarius: unfortunately this year focuses on some problems of work and money.

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Jupiter in the second astrological house creates some complications and expenses that arrive and are not easy to manage. In love, couples who are in crisis could see the situation worsen. Capricorn: beautiful period to recover on a physical level after a very serious problem and to regain a lot of energy but only in the first part of the year because from June the quadrature of Mars brings back the psychophysics to a low level and complications in health can return. Very nice love and professional projects that in addition to bringing successes can also bring interesting gains.

Aquarius: for you the year is not very interesting but not even negative. The projects you have started during the last year can progress without particular problems and any professional situations that arise in these months but especially towards the end of the year, can bring successes. Love in crisis for you too. Pisces: good enough year for you with Jupiter and Saturn that form an aspect of sextile with your astrological sky. The current situation is not absolutely complicated to handle in the work that can provide many satisfactions and finally love is excellent especially for those who want to fall in love again.

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Sagittarius April 2020

Tomorrow's horoscope. Horoscope of the week in progress. Horoscope of the month in progress. Chinese horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for today and tomorrow. Celtic horoscope for today and tomorrow.

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

Maya horoscope for year. Chinese horoscope for year. Celtic horoscope for year. The affinity game for couples. Discover your sex life through the name. The seduction of 12 Signs of the zodiac. Test to find out how the 12 zodiac signs are having sex. Download the free book for the new year here Love Gemini this new year does not provide for unforgettable events for you in love but fortunately the opposition of Jupiter has disappeared and this means that you can finally return to be more serene in love.

Love Work and money Luck and fitness And if you have ascendant in As Venus moves towards the fifth sign that denotes basic education, things start looking good for you, says your Gemini Education Horoscope This positioning of the planet seems to be extra supportive. Moreover, this phase will help you pay attention to your studies and keep all kinds of distractions at bay.

Gemini Education Horoscope 2020

While this phase makes learning extremely quick, the memorizing part can be a little tricky; however, constant revisions will help you keep up with the curriculum. Try using different memorizing techniques to help you with the revisions. Your Gemini Education astrology prediction suggests you to have a little fun with learning, as recalling it then, will be much easier. We hear mnemonics are a great way to remember things! As per the analysis of your Gemini Education Horoscope , Saturn enters the Aquarius sign from March 23 onwards, those who are obtaining higher education seem to benefit the most in this period.

If things are seeming dull for you, then try something new. If things are too fast-paced for you, then quit a few things and try to make your life more routine.

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Find out if is good for the Gemini zodiac sign. Geminis are born between May 22nd and June 21st.


Geminis are often misunderstood because of their dual nature. They can often seem like two people in one; this is probably why the symbol of the twins represents this sign. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Gemini personality do have some good traits, though.

They are usually intelligent and creative. They love making new friends, and they are pretty good at keeping them. Geminis can be hard to get used to. But once you are used to them, they can bring you a lot of joy.

Love Horoscope >> Huge News for

Friends will help shape your year and horoscope for Gemini, this year your romantic life is bound to become more intense. Things may have been boring for you last year, but this is a great year to spice things up with your partner finally. You will need love and compassion to be truly happy in a romantic relationship. Try to avoid arguing over small things during the Mercury retrograde period. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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