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Libra season isn't just about your connection with other people. This is also a creative sign that likes to have fun. For you, Gemini, that's only a good thing. Cancer, you might need to step back from your job just a little bit, especially if it's been feeling extra overwhelming. Stardust suggests, "Try working from home a few days to find balance in your life.

Well, this shouldn't be a problem for you, bold Leo: Stardust suggests, "Speak up in the boardroom to let your colleagues know your amazing ideas. Still, remember that this isn't a one man or woman show - you need to work with your colleagues even after impressing them.

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  • Good news, Virgo: Stardust says, "Its a great time to ask for a raise! Go get it! You just might get it! It's your season, Libras, so you know things are going to be good! Actually, your work horoscope is really similar to a Virgos, which is a good thing. Is it time you asked for a raise? Scorpio, don't expect anything huge to happen at work during Libra season - but you're definitely setting the stage.

    This is an important time for you to network, Sagittarius which shouldn't be a problem for you. This is a really exciting time for your career, Capricorn, so get ready. Aquarius, expect things to be shaken up a bit with something new at your job. Kale says, "You could be traveling for work this month, or exploring international opportunities.

    Pisces, this Libra season is all about the details.

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    • Here's a look at how Libra season will affect you based on your zodiac sign: Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Leo July 23 - August Cancer Dates. English name: The Lion. Sun sign dates: July 23 — August Leo Dates. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. Sun sign dates: August 23 — September Virgo Dates.

      Libra Dates: The Leap Year Bump

      English name: The Scales. Sun sign dates: September 23 — October Libra Dates. English name: The Scorpion. Sun sign dates: October 23 — November Scorpio Dates. English name: The Archer. Sun sign dates: November 22 — December Sagittarius Dates. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat.

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      Sun sign dates: December 22 — January Capricorn Dates. English name: The Water-Bearer. Sun sign dates: January 20 — February Aquarius Dates. English name: The Fish. Sun sign dates: February 19 — March Pisces Dates. Toggle navigation. Are you Libra? What are the Libra dates?

      Weekly Horoscope | tioredederfi.ml

      Libra Dates: The Leap Year Bump In astrology, your Libra Zodiac sign also called sun sign or star sign is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. Here are the leap years since the beginning of the 20th century:. Libra Dates: Cusp or Not If you were born on September 22nd or 23rd, your sun may be on the very cusp the starting point of Libra, or right by the end of Virgo. Libra Dates: Mixed Zodiac Signs Now, If you were born on September 22nd or 23rd at a time when your sun is at the very end of Virgo, you probably have a mixture of Virgo and Libra in your character.

      Decans Make a Difference The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though. Astrology is rather complicated, when dealt with seriously.

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