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Readers Studio is a diverse, dynamic, international community of the most amazing people you'll ever want to meet, and it is so much more…. It is THE place to expand your Tarot horizons and deepen your knowledge as you participate in instructional intensives with top-drawer Tarot masters and study groups with rising Tarot stars. You will stretch your mind by learning practical, cutting-edge techniques that you can take away with you and use immediately. Barbara Moore Barbara Moore plays with tarot cards, writes books, designs decks, and teaches. She's been Llewellyn's tarot acquisitions editor for almost 20 years and loves helping bring exciting new tarot decks and books to life.

A crowd favorite at Readers Studio, Barbara is exceptionally prolific and has worked on 39 projects to date, with more to come! She also teaches Tarot and Lenormand in the Metro-Detroit area as well as online, and is working on her first book. We are honored that Liz has traveled from England to share her considerable knowledge with us!

Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong, there is a space where knowledge and Magick within expands. It's THE place to make and renew connections with friends, network, and create strategic alliances. With participants ranging from first-timers to veterans, from Tarot students to Tarot luminaries, from established artists and authors to publishers, you are in a world of possibilities, and you never know what wonderful things might happen. Many Tarot lovers who live in an unsupportive environment, and those who lack a support system, downplay their talent.

If that's you, the RS three-day immersion is the perfect tonic to boost your confidence and take your skills to the next level. Perhaps you'll start accepting paying clients or advance your practice from part-time to full-time. If you have been toying with the idea of supporting yourself full-time through your Tarot skills, the support, contacts, and strategic alliances you make at Readers Studio may be just the push you need to make the leap or get you pointed in the right direction. Reinvigorate your practice and take it to the next level, wherever you are in your Tarot journey.

You can't help but be inspired by the infusion of energy, knowledge, skills, and passionate sharing that is the Readers Studio experience. Find an appreciative audience and critical feedback for that book you've been writing or deck you've been creating. Some past attendees have even snagged a publishing deal. New Age publishers know that Readers Studio is fertile ground to meet aspiring and published authors. You're likely to find at least one lurking at the conference. You'll have a golden opportunity to connect with other Tarot lovers from all over the world, make lasting friendships and dynamic business partnerships.

You will have easy access to presenters and celebrity guests all weekend-long, so you can ask questions, get feedback on your readings, learn a secret or two, and even get some books signed by the authors. Many of you are those whose books are always at my side, whose art I hang on my walls, whose decks I have read with for years, whose blogs I read, whose videos I tune into.

And you were so humble and gracious when I extended my hand for a handshake or my arms for a hug.

23/01/2020 - 28/01/2020

Thank you so much for that. Each includes hands-on practice during every session so you can test and try out the new techniques. These classes are the focal point of the conference and are scheduled one-at-a-time so everyone can attend each one together. You will have 15 minutes to do a reading for your partner using any technique you choose.

You'll revisit the same reading at the end of the conference invigorated with the wealth of new learning you've acquired. Even year veterans are amazed at how their readings deepen and grow. Two Breakfast Roundtables: Each interactive session is led by a well-known member of the Tarot community and focuses on an engaging topic. A gentle, guided Tarot Meditation is available as a quiet alternative to the lively discussion. Impromptu readings, passionate conversation, late-night chats, socializing, and loads of practice.

The Merchant Faire: Colorful tables piled high with irresistible Tarot Merchandise including jewelry, books, learning materials, prints, and decks galore — many by the tarot deck creators themselves! Free Swap Table: Give a little something, pick up something new! Exchange unneeded Tarot books, decks, and other paraphernalia to make room for new treasures. The oasis and sanctuary of the Meditation Room available when you need to recharge.

Public recognition and celebration with your friends at a fabulous awards ceremony. A beautiful parchment Certificate of Advanced Tarot Training credential to add to your portfolio or frame for your office. I get to meet and speak with Tarot readers from all around the world; share stories, spreads and techniques; and learn a lot from the people who conduct the seminars and classes.

Most of all, I still think it's a great investement in myself and in my on-going Tarot education.

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You are cordially invited to a Cocktail Reception on Thursday at 8pm where you'll have a chance to meet the presenters and relax with the other attendees. There will be a cash bar, fruit and fresh veggies, cheeses, hors d'oeuvres — and of course, lots of lively conversation! You're welcome to come even if you are not attending Divination Day. Enjoy a Gourmet Luncheon Buffet on Friday. With delicious and healthy choices for everyone from carnivores to vegans, you'll be able to enjoy lunch with the entire Readers Studio community — on us!

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Included in your registration is your ticket to a sumptuous sit-down banquet on Saturday night. The meal is entirely table service — no waiting in line. So you can sit back, relax, and focus on what you came for: spending quality time with your friends. That said, if you'd like to dress up for this special occasion, we highly encourage it! Great friends and great music — what could be better? Sunday Breakfast is also on us! Enjoy a continental breakfast buffet in the ballroom and join in the lively discussion at the Breakfast Roundtable. Come in on Wednesday and we'll give you a Free Bus Ride into Manhattan for a night of sight-seeing and socializing with your friends in the Big Apple.


Free Gift from Llewellyn when you sign in at our registration table. The Readers Studio is exactly what I've been waiting for. Sign me up! This exciting full-day conference takes place on Thursday, April 23rd.

International Enneagram Summit - LISBON

Karin Dalton-Smith is an intuitive tea leaf reader from Berwick, Australia. She uses her sTEAmpunk Tea Leaf Reading cards, created from the symbols most commonly found in the teacups that she reads when performing traditional tealeaf reading for her many clients. Karin has also created a collection of 30 different Tea Leaf Reading charms that can be used either scattered on their own or with casting sheets.

Learn More About Karin and her presentation. Gina Jean is an international tarot reader based in NYC. She has been reading cards for over 18 years and her gift is passed down from her maternal and paternal grandmothers from the Caribbean.